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The most exciting projects we support

Open-source, community-driven, transformative

FIX Network

FIX Network will implement innovative systems, products and services to secure our digital assets and identities on mobile devices. Private keys will be stored on SIM cards, and user-defined policies will specify transaction authorization rules, and how subscriber data is to be used, accessed, shared, tracked and sold.

win win

The win.win decentralized exchange platform will facilitate the direct wallet-to-wallet transacting of digital assets between users, resulting in a secure, transparent and efficient digital marketplace. The interactions between parties are feeless, and the TWINS cryptocurrency will be used to power the exchange platform for buy and sell order listings.

Wallet app

wallet.app is a global initiative to provide a highly secure, easy-to-use and convenient wallet for the storage and transacting of digital assets. The open-source and multi-currency/multi-asset nature of this project will promote the mass adoption of the app, and merchant payment plugins will be provided to ensure wallet compatibility with all of the popular on-line e-commerce platforms.

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