New Capital

for a better future

NEW CAPITAL for a better future
There are so many visionaries whose ideas have been buried and have been lost to the world due to inadequate funding, the adoption of unsuccessful business models, or the lack of effective and competent guidance. Our mission is to ensure that these great ideas have the best chance to succeed.
We believe that the responsible use of digital assets will revolutionize the world’s economy. New Capital formulates and employs digital assets to capitalize the companies that we partner with, and these tokens play a critical role in enabling secure, flexible and effective crowdfunding opportunities.
We actively seek and support projects that are beneficial to mankind and have considerable transformative potential. These projects are carefully selected to meet our vision, and must be driven by a talented and result-driven team whose goals are in line with our philosophy.

We partner with visionaries, entrepreneurs and breakthrough idea generators to help them achieve their dreams by providing funding, expertise in technology development and business execution, and go-to-market strategies and guidance.

For those in the wider audience who wish to help bring these innovative ideas to reality, we offer secure, compelling and unique crowdfunding opportunities, allowing participation in our selected projects.


Edwin Terek
Innovator and visionary
Skills: management, business development, marketing, branding, positioning, telecommunications
Alex Rožanski
Idea synthesizer
Skills: management, business development, financial and investment analysis, regulations, business strategy and planning
Andrius Bartminas
Venture explorer
Skills: management, business development, ICT, business strategy and planning, project management, governmental relations
Vytautas Kašėta
Community influencer
Skills: cyber security, blockchain engineer, business tokenization, IT management, ICT, social hacker
Gideon Hack
Technology Specialist
Skills: management, business development, hardcore engineer, technical writing, marketing and communications
Tadas Vizgirda
Organizational Designer
Skills: business development, sales and marketing, governmental relations, competitive intelligence, communications
Simonas Černiauskas
Skills: ICT, sales and business development, project and product management, business strategy and management
Rūtenis Norkus
Skills: project and product management, software development, payment systems, general data protection regulation
Romas Bunevičius
Skills: ICT, mobile network architecture, business and IT strategy alignment, management of technological processes
Daniel Dushansky

Skills: securing investments, business development, legal project management,
supervision and execution of major long-term projects

Elena Vėgėlytė

Skills: international taxation, crypto currency regulations and taxation, blockchain technology regulations, legal project management

Tomas Gurvičius

Skills: exponential technologies, impact investing, sustainable development, international business, social entrepreneurship